ligne clair meets art-deco

Art integration in Brussels|Wonderwerk

SD Worx took its Brussels seat at an art-decobuilding. We invited artist Ever Meulen to integrate his ‘ligne clair’-style in the old and the new architecture as well (a knew wing was added to the art-deco part).
Tile friezes, a glass-in-lead work and playfull signage was the result.
As support for the signage we used tiles, as they were characteristic for the art-deco part of the building. Ever Meulen made picto’s to indicate reception desk, toilets, elevators and floornumbers.
For the festive opening of the building, we made a special box that was a gift for the invitees. Ever Meulen signed & numbered a tile, of the same kind as used in the building. Also included in the box, was a booklett about the history of the art-decobuilding and the making of the new wing.

Client: SD Worx