the phenomenon of gardening and what it can do to you

Maandag Hofdag|Miscellaneous

Publisher Tony Le Duc & his mate and graphic designer Nej De Doncker experienced it.
For years they digged the ground, on Mondays, in their vegetable garden. In a one-time only newspaper,the two friends guide you through their gardening adventures.
In a no-nonsense style, they dive into the history of gardening and of garden gnomes and they play with seeds. They look how others do it, in allotment gardens and in roofgardens. They visit breeders of old tomatospecies and gardens of star-chefs.

2 versions were made: just the paper (88 pages) and the luxury-edition in a box with the paper, a set of gnome-cards & a bag of seeds.

Client : Minestrone Cookbooks
Creators & publishers : Nej De Doncker & Tony Le Duc
Photography : Nej De Doncker, Diane Hendrikx & Jimmy Kets